• Four years

    Having someone you love die feels like suddenly getting yanked by the collar of your shirt and being dragged at breakneck speed through the clouds and then gently being released into the atmosphere.

  • Two Years in Australia

    By the time the plane landed in Sydney I was delusional; my brain was fried from imagining every worst case scenario possible and my tear ducts had shriveled up. I felt like a zombie. As our plane slowly made its way through the tarmac, I looked out the window and squinted from the sun. It was bright and sunny with clear blue skies. I felt knots in my stomach. I closed my eyes and began taking slow, deep breaths to calm myself down.

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Great Barrier Reef Drive, Cairns

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It’s actually quite a difficult situation for the council because when a person is eaten by a crocodile, the families left behind usually want the guilty croc executed. They actually have to take the suspects and X-ray their stomachs for human remains. But the thing is when a family requests it to be shot, it’s almost always the apex predator; the highest crocodile in the food chain.