A trip to the Phillipines

I returned from Canada on January 26th and being back in Beijing with no job and nothing to do was making me extremely depressed.

I hadn’t told my Dad, who was in Thailand, that I didn’t have a job anymore. I didn’t want to stress him out while he was on holiday and I figured I’d be fine. I eventually wrote him an email and he responded with an optimistic “everything will be ok” and then asked me if I wanted to join him in the Philippines. To his surprise, I said yes. I’m normally a planner, so to be that impulsive and last minute is not very typical in me.


2 days later I was on a plane headed to Kalibo. We have family friends who recently built a house there, an 8 bedroom beautiful place right off the beaten track. I came in depressed and down but recharged by the sights and sounds of a new city. I woke up bright and early to check out the beach and watched fishermen reel in their first catches of the day.


Another guest had arrived to stay at my friend’s place, her name was Carol. She was tall, thin and extremely fit. She explained to us her sandals cut up her feet because she’d walked for 20k. That day we packed and all went on a day trip to beautiful Boracay, a major tourist island with pristine beaches and powder-like sand. It was unbelievable.



We walked along the beach together talking and she told me she was a recovering alcoholic with a new outlook on life. I find most people who are recovering from an addiction are so enjoyable to be around because they look at life through the eyes of a child. They see how beautiful life is and are so grateful for it this time. She said something that made me laugh and then turned to me, took off her glasses and said, “is your mother Janet?”. It turns out she went to elementary school with my mum. Weird eh?

My Dad and I left shortly after arriving in Kalibo. Our mission was to see the whale sharks, and in order to do that, we had to make our way to Oslob.





This was probably the coolest thing I have literally every experienced. It was loud and noisy on the surface, people were screaming in excitement, but underwater it was so quiet and peaceful. Watching these large, beautiful creature grace by you with such elegance… it was just simply incredible. I really couldn’t even believe it. I loved it and I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Our next goal was to see the tarsiers, chocolate hills and get some relaxation in Bohol.


When we got to Talloot, to take the ferry to Bohol we were forced to stay overnight because of the ridiculous ferry schedule they had. It left at 4am, so that night my Dad and I, starved and exhausted made our way around looking for something to eat. We finally found a restaurant far away from our hotel that only sold whole chickens and rice.

That morning we woke up at 3am, and caught the ferry. It was a beautiful ride, watching the sunrise over the ocean.



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