Blue Skies in Beijing!


It’s now been three consecutive days of beautiful, pollution-free weather in the nations capital! For Beijingers this is a reason for celebration.

It’s funny the things we take for granted. When I lived in Canada, a day with clear blue skies would not make me nearly as happy as it does here. Clear skies in Canada is a regular occurrence, pollution and smog is barely a concern for us Canadians. Whenever I go home our kitchen overlooks an open field and i’ll be cooking something, casually look out the window, gasp and scream out: “Mum! Look at how beautiful it looks outside! Look at the sky!”. She responds with “yes honey thats very nice.”

I think this is the greatest part about having the chance to live somewhere different, not only do we become grateful for the things we never thought about before, but our whole perspective changes.

Sometimes when things are bad in life, or have just gone stale, all we really need is a change of perspective.



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