stoned in Cambodia

Some people drink to relax, I smoke weed to relax. I rarely smoke it anymore since I now live in China and it’s not as easily accessible as it was back when I lived in Ottawa. But when i’m on a tropical beach, a joint in hand just makes sense. I read in the Lonely Planet about a restaurant called “Happy Herb Pizza” that sells marijuana pizza. I made it my mission to find the place. I ordered a weed pizza, “extra happy please!” and felt no effect. It was disappointing so I decided to ask the waiter for a joint instead. I got high alone that night and wandered along the beach, visiting all the clubs stacked beside each other. Clubbing alone just simply is not fun. It would’ve been way better to have someone to hang out with. I got free shots because i’m a female and talked to some random strangers. Everywhere I went people were inhaling laughing gas balloons, which were being sold for a dollar. Occasionally someone would inhale their balloon like a bong, hold their breath and look at me gesturing that I try some. I declined and ended up going back to my hotel room smoked a bit more and went to sleep. And took this picture.


When we got to Kep (the best place in the world, i’ll explain in another post) I was laying in a hammock swinging back and forth and feeling contentment and relaxation that I had not experienced in years. I thought the only thing that would make it better is if I got high. So I went to my room, grabbed my joint, laid back in the hammock and light it up. I felt at total ease. To my left was a group of Cambodians sitting together and every now and then I could hear their soft voices and laughter. It was so calming. I just sat there and swung with a smile on my face til the sun went down. I suddenly heard a loud croaky noise in the bushes. Whatever it was started to make rustling sounds and my imagination took hold and I started to wonder if there was a dinosaur and thought about Jurassic Park. It was really dark and I couldn’t make out what it was. It sounds ridiculous now but extreme fear kicked in, and I bolted for my room. Haha, still a good time though.


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