Business Trip to Tianjin

On Monday I left for my first business trip, first day at work and first time in Tianjin.

I recently got a job for an expat magazine called “That’s Beijing” so they asked me to tag along for their business trip to Tianjin. To meet my colleagues and see how it all works.

It was a great experience and it’s such an amazing city worth checking out!

It’s a port city 30 minutes on the high speed train from Beijing. Easily done on a long weekend.
It has a modest population of 13 million, compared to a staggering 21 million in Beijing, it not
 only differs in terms of people but in architecture and way of life. The atmosphere of Tianjin is far more laid-back. The people are calmer and much friendlier. From 1860 to 1945 Tianjin was controlled by 9 different countries with concessions leaving a legacy of European influence in many buildings and schools. On the way to the river there are beautiful European buildings that give off the feeling of being in London and then you’ll suddenly pass a Chinese hutong, or over hear mandarin, and you are reminded that you are in fact in China. It’s an interesting eclectic mix of cultures. Along the river they have a beautiful walkway with a breathtaking view of the city and it makes me realize how much having a body of water around really gives off a different, calmer atmosphere. 

Check out some photo’s I took:







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