Public bathrooms in Beijing


Sorry to be gross by displaying this photo but if you plan on traveling to Beijing, or anywhere in China then this is a word of caution for Westerners:

Be prepared for public toilets.

Be prepared to use a ‘toilet’ where there is no separation and you will be touching shoulders with a complete stranger.

I literally have nightmares of this exact scenario. But the conditions are better in my dream, usually the door doesn’t go up far enough so my face exposed.

But no stalls?! Luckily i’m usually drunk when I use these bathrooms and care 87% less, and have no choice, but I mean seriously how awkward right?

I came in to use this toilet after having dinner with friends, we all shared about 8 large bottles of beer and I had to suck it up and go. As I stepped in two young nicely dressed Chinese girls were talking, smoking a cigarette and just hangin’ out. They’d finished but were just caught up in a really great conversation and I guess decided to stay in the bathroom. I stood and stared, and they looked at me and kindly gestured to go ahead, empty your bowels while we just hang here.

Just the worst ahaha.


    1. lol, not ALL bathrooms are like this. However, when you hang out in the hutongs they are. Some have stalls (thank God) but yeah… for the most part be prepared to get cozy with your neighbour or just don’t drink anything.

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