10 timbits

10 timbits | Life After Elizabeth


I never thought I could possibly ever miss Tim Hortons.

The ridiculously early hours, grumpy customers, and coming home from work reeking of coffee and donuts with glaze tangled in my hair. We were the best employees to get if you were high and wanted to pigout on timbits.A group of teens would come in, “…uhhh, hi, we’ll get 10 timbits please”. Oh, absolutely my friend! I would fill it up with far more than 10, handing them over a heavy, timbit-squished box and they would look up at me with such wide-eyed joy and I would smirk and whisper ‘you’re welcome’.“paying it forward” Lizabeth would say ahaha.Tim Hortons may not have been the best place to work but it certainly serves as one the biggest comforts of being back on Canadian ground.

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