A visit to Inner Mongolia

Last weekend we went to Inner Mongolia.

We stayed at Anda’s Guesthouse, one of the only foreigner-friendly, English speaking places to stay in Inner Mongolia. They provide a variety of set tours which is the only option for sightseeing in Hoh Hot. Unless you have a Chinese or Mongolian friend, it’s very difficult to get around.

We saw yurts, sheep farmers and ate dinner in a classic Chinese restaurant. We rode camels through the Gobi Desert, took a slide down a sand dune and fearlessly drove through the desert, immediately getting stuck. It was exhilarating. Very few foreigners are seen in Hoh Hot so we were constantly pointed and stared at. Sometimes as we’d be walking down the street a family would stare at us in shock, running back inside and then we’d see the whole family run out staring in awe.

 IMG_8476 IMG_1224 IMG_1248 IMG_1255 
 IMG_8405 IMG_1136 IMG_1144 IMG_1155 IMG_1162 IMG_1171 IMG_1182 IMG_1199 IMG_1205 IMG_8403IMG_1207 

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