Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Your birthday brings back memories of laughter and of tears,
Of all the celebrations held throughout your precious years.
As you’re now watching over me, I hope that you can see,
how much those memories we made, will always mean to me.
I’ll always cherish times we had and smile just at the thought,
I hope you know the magnitude of joy your life here brought.
On holidays and birthdays, it’s so hard to be apart,
Like every day that falls between, your memory fills my heart.
You’re with me now where ever I go, you’re part of all I do,
I’ll celebrate your special day and the gift of knowing you.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.156333_10150335966815083_607642_n   222820_10150555545205083_7546179_n 282157_10150720442025083_4066141_n 283848_10150720447795083_1939451_n  285072_10150720438685083_6096461_n  1379318_657302477622320_48370801_n



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