First Week

I have been in my apartment for one week!

It’s been great so far. My housemate is Australian, born in Casino, a farm town close to Byron Bay. She is an engineer at a company called Arup and her company actually helped to build the Opera House in 1963! Her name is Lisa and she has an artistic flair. Since I have been here there have been many artistic projects underway. I love it because she will come home brimming with excitement by hundreds of ideas swirling in her head. She’s also really into healthy food and healthy living. To be honest this was literally the roommate I dreamed up in my head before coming. Its like that scene in Practical Magic where she dreams up her perfect man and he comes to life (if you haven’t seen it, watch it!)

Her husband is a police officer and I have yet to meet him. He will be here on Wednesday night and me and Alicia (the girl who lives above us) will be cooking a fancy, romantic meal to welcome him home.

More to come later. No internet at the house, I am currently writing this in a mall (slightly awkward).

Beautiful view from my bedroom window
Torrential downpour!
I love the light seeping through
My roommate from the hostel inspecting my new place
Wine and Cheese with Lisa and Alicia
Doing dishes
Applying for jobs (my current full-time job)

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