Working at the Australian Health Commission

Here is a badly timed photo of my colleagues enjoying a whisky cookie before a meeting.

I love working with health professionals. I love how a casual conversation about the weekend can quickly turn into a science class as you wait for your coffee to finish brewing. I love learning new things, especially by passionate, intelligent people. The only downside is the doctors and nurses who forget you’re a mere layman and have no experience in the medical world. I mean the ones that over share like an annoying person on facebook. Recently, I was about to go to a farewell party in the kitchen at work. Before heading straight to the mouth-watering food I decided to refrain from looking piggish and engage in polite conversation with my boss and colleagues. We were talking about go-karting when my boss (who used to be an ICU nurse) recalls a woman who’s hair came loose from her helmet during go-karting, got caught in the wheels and was instantly scalped. After going into explicit detail (I’ll spare you the details) she says to me reassuringly “she survived though.” I was so terrified, shocked, disgusted, I could barely move. I normally would have run away screaming with my ears covered but as she is my boss I just stood there as my eyes filled with water and my appetite instantly evaporated. I have since questioned whether I have developed PTSD just from hearing it.

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