Drum circles & Salsa on the beach

On Saturday, me, my Aussie girlfriend and Byron sister drove up to Ku Ring Gai National Park for a drum circle. We left Bondi with the windows down, wind in our hair and 90s music blaring. We sang loudly as we passed through sun soaked streets lined with vivid purple flowers and breathtaking bays dotted in little sail boats. Once we arrived we found a group of long haired hippies carrying guitars and drums into the forest. We followed them to a large bonfire where we laid our stuff down and then took off to the creek to dip our feet in the crisp water. Once the sun set, we danced barefoot by the fire to the beat of the drums and then ended the night with a soothing sound meditation. Before we left, a woman stood up to recite an animated version of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr Seuss. We all sat cross legged looking up at her, listening intently. On the ride back I lay in the back seat draped over the arm rest, completely exhausted. It reminded me of being a kid again.

The next day we drove to a beach in North Sydney called Dee Why for a friend of a friend’s birthday BBQ. The beach was absolutely gorgeous, laced with white sands and a dramatic cliff face that reminded me of what I imagine Scotland is like.

I’m back at work today, weary eyed but deeply content. It was just what I needed.

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