Winter solstice

Tonight’s the winter solstice, the shortest, and supposedly coldest, day of the year. From now on, the days will gradually get longer as we get closer and closer to the sun. It’s the latitudinal equivalent of hump day, and it’s also Wednesday.


Last year around this time I lived in a community on a yoga center in Byron Bay. On this very day, a year ago, I celebrated the winter solstice by watching the sunrise with two of my friends from the center. We woke up in the pitch dark, quietly shuffling around our room to find our warmest clothes. We used our cellphone lights to find our bikes and quietly pedaled out of the yoga center as the sound of gravel crackled loudly under our wheels. We locked our bikes together in town and walked along the rocky shore until we found a perfect spot to watch the sun come up. Sitting on a cold rock, we huddled together for warmth and watched as the sun illuminated the whole sky into a pale, faded pink. We sat in silent admiration, appreciating the stunning view and excitedly pointing out the occasional burst of misty water from a migrating whale in the far distance.

This winter solstice was spent sipping a glass of red wine atop a bar after our monthly marketing meeting. I watched the cotton ball clouds float by and felt nostalgic of my old Byron life. Things are a little bit different these days…

Not better, nor worse, just different. Life is always changing, I wonder where I’ll be next year…

Happy winter solstice to all those in the Southern Hemisphere 🙂



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