Life After Elizabeth | Supporting those with a mental illness live a better life through creative writing and positive psychology

This blog is a tribute to my big sister Elizabeth who died of suicide on October 13, 2013. She was only 26 years old.

My sister’s depression consumed her like cancer. It was unbearably defeating, frustrating and excruciating to watch her drown under the weight of depression with no way of saving her.

I feel like it’s my duty to prevent this from happening to anyone else. There is no point in hiding and contributing to the secrecy of mental illness anymore. I want to stare shame in the face and rise above it. I want to help the people who think that the only way to end their pain is to kill themselves.

  • There is no shame in how you feel.
  • This is not your fault.
  • You are a good person.
  • There is a way out of this and it does not involve death.

Suicide is not the answer. Do not let the voice of depression talk you out of being alive. You are here for a reason. It may not seem like it but things can and will improve.

Remember that you are loved, you are enough, and if you decide to leave this world, you will be so incredibly missed.


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