Is love an illusion? Kimberly Hetherington

Is love an illusion?

Romantic love has been advertised in the same way as pharmaceutical drug commercials; when an attractive couple runs in slow motion down a sun-setting beach and a male commentator with a smooth voice starts proclaiming all the ways this ‘drug’ will improve your life. Then at the very end of the commercial in a very quiet, rushed whisper he admits the side-effects may include heart failure and imminent death. But we were too distracted by this image of perfection to allow the words “heart failure and imminent death” to resonate.

My sister

It’s weird that the one day the people you love the most, will be gone. Just like that. Life is so fragile. We get so caught up in the little things, when one day, it’ll be all be over. We’ll be gone. But maybe, hopefully, death is something different, something inconceivable. Something that we can’t […]