Crocodile cruise in Cairns

Monsoon Season in Cairns

It’s actually quite a difficult situation for the council because when a person is eaten by a crocodile, the families left behind usually want the guilty croc executed. They actually have to take the suspects and X-ray their stomachs for human remains. But the thing is when a family requests it to be shot, it’s almost always the apex predator; the highest crocodile in the food chain.

Two Years in Australia | Life After Elizabeth

Two Years in Australia

By the time the plane landed in Sydney I was delusional; my brain was fried from imagining every worst case scenario possible and my tear ducts had shriveled up. I felt like a zombie. As our plane slowly made its way through the tarmac, I looked out the window and squinted from the sun. It was bright and sunny with clear blue skies. I felt knots in my stomach. I closed my eyes and began taking slow, deep breaths to calm myself down.