Crocodile cruise in Cairns

Monsoon Season in Cairns

It’s actually quite a difficult situation for the council because when a person is eaten by a crocodile, the families left behind usually want the guilty croc executed. They actually have to take the suspects and X-ray their stomachs for human remains. But the thing is when a family requests it to be shot, it’s almost always the apex predator; the highest crocodile in the food chain.

Welcome to Byron Bay: Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill Out

Beautiful Byron Bay

I’ve moved to a little hippy town called Byron Bay. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where people actually rely on hitchhiking for transportation, where dolphins swim freely alongside surfers and hangouts consist of singing songs together on the guitar or discussing everything from philosophy to environmental sustainability. Byron Bay is the kind of place that pulls your creativity […]